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Midway Golf | Games | Events | 44 Tavern is proud to support the mid-Missouri community! We receive many requests for donations from so many worthwhile organizations and are happy to consider them. However, due to limited resources, we have established a policy for reviewing donation requests. This policy is intended to help us make fair and consistent decisions regarding the donations we make.

Eligibility: we consider donations from non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, with preference given to the following categories of charities: youth opportunity, outdoor sports, and faith-based non-profits. We do not accept requests from individuals or political organizations. We also limit our support to the communities we host and serve at our facility. Therefore, we only consider donation requests from organizations whose primary office or headquarters is located within 25 miles of our facility.

If you have a donation request, please fill out the form below. No phone, email, mailed, faxed or in person requests will be considered.

Good luck with your fundraising efforts!

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