Go Karts

Our new state-of-the-art go-kart racetrack is 740 feet of pure excitement, and there’s nothing else like it in the area!

Our new Thundervolt electric go-karts are the fastest, most efficient, cost-effective and versatile electric go-karts available, and they provide the best racing experience for our customers. All of our go-karts have seatbelts and padding for protection, bumpers to keep drivers safe, and variable speeds depending on the driver’s age and height. Take them for a ride today!

The go-kart track is open during regular operating hours, weather permitting. The track must be dry in order to run the go-karts. Go karts also may not run if temperatures are below 50 degrees. 

Our Go Karts are equipped with 3 different speed settings which are assigned based on height requirements. All karts on the track must be set to the same speed setting. We try to run in groups according to size so please be aware that you might experience a brief waiting period.

Go-kart Requirements:

Single Kart
Speed 1: 50″ Tall (6-8 years old)
Speed 2: 52″ Tall (9-12 years old)
Speed 3: 56″ Tall (13+ years old)
Double Kart
Driver: 60″ Tall (minimum of 18 years old)
Passenger: 36″ Tall (minimum of 4 years old)

For the safety of our customers and our employees, we cannot make exceptions to these requirements. Thank you for understanding